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Yet another normal…

When Gabriel and I set out to start a family, like most couples, we had no idea what we were getting into. After having two children with extremely rare conditions, (one being life-threatening), I had pretty much decided I was done having kids.

I would say things like, “Let’s get at least one out of the hospital first…”, or, ” I’m still trying to handle the two I’ve got…” Or something else along those lines.

Well, as fate (and God) would have it, against all odds and attempts otherwise, Vivia and Rio’s prayers must’ve been a bit louder than mine, because another Martinez is on the way.

Actually, in the previous post (on the Cruise we went on in March) we had JUST found out, but hadn’t told a soul yet, not even especially, the kids.

Now that I have had some time to get used to the idea, and to process yet another game-changer, just as I felt like we had just really begun to be able to swim with a stride instead of tread water for dear life, God decides to bless us with another tiny human. I was totally in tears (laughing, yes, but more like *lobbing (laugh/sobbing) when I saw the latest Jim Gaffigan comedy special because he says how I felt, and I quote…

” What’s it like to have 4 kids? It’s like you’re out in the middle of the ocean, drowning, and then somebody throws you a baby…”

SO TRUE, and SO FUNNY!!! I haven’t cried laughed that hard since seeing a Justin Timberlake on SNL with (blank) in a Box.  yep, I just said that.

Click the following link to see a little video of how I broke the news to the family that  It’s a…


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