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Vivia’s Wish…

We met with our Wish Granters last night. They came over our house, bearing gifts for Vivia, and we had a fantastic visit with Allan and Susie. Vivia has come up with 4 wishes,and now we have to figure out which one she wants the most. We are a family that loves to travel, and that has rubbed off on Vivia. She doesn’t know any celebrities (and we’d like to keep it that way), doesn’t care about shopping sprees, gets to go to Disney whenever she wants, so her list of wishes is definitely unique.

Here they are:

1. To visit the Hillsong Kids church in Sydney, Australia.

2. To go to the top of the eiffel tower, in Paris.

3. To go to Scotland and not have to worry about the sun.

4. To go to London and see Princess Kate at her Castle

Today we have to help her decide which is her #1, because Allan told us that they try really hard to make the #1 happen.

She got a very special Make-A-Wish Barbie doll, and she hasn’t stopped playing with it.

Can’t wait to see the wish unfold!




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