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45 minutes of “normal”

A couple of weeks ago we were invited to stay at a friend’s condo at a nearby beach. When you have a child with JDM, beach getaways are anything but relaxing. I knew this would be the case, but I didn’t (and still dont) know which is worse: staying home all the time to be on the safe side (letting it win) or going anyway, within the boundaries we have (NOT letting it win) but knowing full well that it will be an exhausting battle, the entire time.
Instead of relaying to you the heartbreaking moments of tears, and the fighting, and the nagging when it came to the bathing suit she had to wear, and the hat she had to keep on the whole time (even while swimming), among other unglamorous moments; what I wish to remember from this trip is the evening pictured in this album here.

It was the perfect, perfect night, and I couldn’t have fashioned it better myself. It truly was a gift. The sun was hiding behind a storm off in the distance, so it was a non-issue.

She got to run and frolic and play in the waves, like other children Carefree. Guileless. Innocent.
And I got to watch her total bliss for 45 short minutes. Stress free. Adoringly. Heart bursting with gratitude, and love for this girl.

I used to take this type of play for granted every. day. before her diagnosis. Don’t make this mistake, moms! EVERY moment is a pure gift.

When the kids decided to get in the ocean in their clothes, I encouraged it! Not often is she afforded such opportunities for thoughtless abandon in her outdoor play- not constantly seeking out a shadow to stand in, or exhausting too soon bc of the heat.
Look how happy she is.
I dream of the day that she can be this carefree all the time, not just during the brief passing of an overhead cloud.
She will receive a full and complete healing. I KNOW THIS. In the meantime, I covet these moments that we get to feel “normal”.
They are what make all the drama “worth it”.


August 21, 2012 - 11:10 am

aimee - Just beautiful <3

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