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Toddler Speak: I couldn’t wait for her to be able to tell me what was on her mind, BUT NOW…

Vivia just squealed from the tub “My face is ruined, my face is ruined!!!”

This just one of the Vivia-isms that she puts together all by herself. (WARNING: Gratuitous Parental Bragging to follow:) She’s been speaking full sentences since before she turned two. In two languages. Our pediatrician shows her off to the rest of the staff at every visit, saying “This is the one I was telling you about…” WONDERFUL, right?

Weeeeeell, One bad thing about my toddler being SO well spoken at such a young age is that there is no awareness of discretion. She just says what’s on her mind or in her emotions! No matter who is in the room, where we are, or which social situation we find ourselves in. Which, most of the time is fine. And even cute. For instance, the other day we were cruising through Target, and I let her out of the carriage (which is still a rare thing), and she shoots down the Christmas aisles both singing at the top of her lungs, and shouting… “I LOVE Christmas, I LOVE Christmas!!! Look Mama, Christmas trees, look Mama, decorations!!! OOOOh I LOVE decorations, I LOVE Christmas trees!!!” to some made-up tune. She (nor I, for that matter) could contain her excitement. She drew a crowd from several aisles over. And they all commented on how she made their day.

THAT part is ok. Or the part where at church, after the Band goes quiet, and after she has danced her heart out, she says “THAT was FUN!!!” and the whole congregation laughs.
Or the part where she walks up on stage after a meeting is over, grabs the mic and says as dramatic as any ring master… : “Ladies, and Gentlemen! Boys and Girls of all ages… Wanna see me do a trick?” where does she get this stuff??? yah, yah laugh it up…

The part that is NOT ok is this>
Vivia has two volume levels… 1. LOUD and 2. ASLEEP
So, at her normal level, in the middle of a quiet, crowded room she says:
“HAAAA HAAAA!!!! Mommy, you FART!”
Now, for the record, I DID NOT fart. No, I didn’t~! But the sound was heard by her, and the damage was done.
OR when we walk by someone who obviously DID just fart, or is doing their business in shame behind the stall door and she says, “I smell something, STINKS Mama!!!!”

But the one to top all:
During the election she must’ve loved the sound of BARAK OBAMA’s name b/c she pranced around the house saying it over and over, like some little Pop Warner Cheerleader. Well, so as to be fair and balanced, I taught her to say “John McCain,” as well. Both of them were all over the tv for sooo long that she knew who they were by sight too…
SOOOOO: One day (in a crowd, she tends to draw a crowd…) someone had given us a brochure with both cantidates on the cover. She takes it and says “that’s Barak Obama, Mama.” Yes, yes it is, “And that’s John McCain.” Yes, right again. Then she says… “He’s a really really really black black black boy.”
I FROZE in horror, and also because I was trying not to bust out laughing. She decided to have that revelation in public, rather than private. Then she says “And he’s a really really really WHITE boy.”

Now, upon further questioning, I find out she’s talking about their HAIR color, not their skin color. So, we can save that whole conversation for another time.

I have days now where my ears are ringing by bedtime because of the constant chatter! I blog late into the night, just to hear grown up conversation in my head. I relish peace where I can find it~ even in the most unique situations, like this gem:
One night at a family sit-down dinner, we forced Vivia to eat “one more bite” of chicken so that she could have a cookie for dessert. So, in her defiance, she chewed and sucked on that piece of meat without swallowing for (no joke) 30 minutes -her way of still being in control. Gabriel says to me, “Babe, shouldn’t we do something about that?” and without skipping a beat, I reply, “Nope. I am kinda enjoying the quiet.”

I wish I could record her sweet little “cartoonish” voice of all her little sayings. I don’t want to forget a ONE of them! Gabe and I have a “Vivia-isms” journal that we started so we could write down a glossary of her 2 year old terms.

I recently found the “Olivia” books. And they made me laugh so much, because they really could be called “Vivia.” Maybe I’m on to something there. I just won’t make my main character a little pig. A parrot… maybe. 🙂

December 28, 2008 - 4:11 am

Kyle Chowning - this made both Kristy and I laugh and smile tonight. Thanks for the great stories. keep them coming!

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