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Sharing My Thrift Haul, Adventures in Thrifting

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love a good hunt.  I LOVE A GOOD THRIFT STORE.

Some of my friends get it, some don’t- but I can tell you this… I am A PRO when it comes to thrift store finds! And even the friends who don’t “get it” are constantly complimenting my wardrobe (and they have no idea…)

One I am particularly proud of recently, is this gem: I actually got this authentic Coach Purse for $2.39. No Joke. I have no idea how much this purse would have cost brand-new, but I think at $2.39, it was probably 1000% more, at least. I thought about re-selling it on Ebay, still might, but for now, I am sporting this beauty until my need for carrying a diaper bag takes precedence. Don’t be jelly…

Thrifting, FREEDOM-style

I have a few tips to share on “Adventures in Thrifting”


1. Timing is everything. Don’t go if you’re in a hurry. You need an adequate amount of time to dig- and if you’re in a hurry, you won’t have time to make the decisions you need to make. You’ll leave with more than you meant to spend. But, DO set a time limit, or else you could spend hours you didn’t mean to. It’s easy to do.

2. Wear the right clothes. The dressing rooms in these places are really gross, usually. And they almost always have a limit or restriction on the items you try on, which I don’t understand, personally (they ARE trying to sell things, right???) . So, if you wear a little cami, you can easily try on shirts, and dresses OVER your little cami- just out in the aisle- in front of a mirror.  Also, if you wear some THIN THIN socks, you can try on shoes without the fear of cooties. Wear non-bulky shorts so Skirts can be tried on over them (in some cases)- reserving only jeans and fitted bottoms needing to be actually tried on in the actual dressing room.

3. Set a budget before you go, and only bring that amount of cash with you.  Why, you may ask? Because you will ALWAYS find something else other than what you were planning on buying, and you will always find an excuse to spend more. If you only bring cash- you CAN’T. If it’s a really amazing find- they will usually put it on hold long enough for you to run home and grab more cash or your credit card, which will give you the ability to think on it a little longer.

4. Go with an idea of what you are looking for.  Again, you can literally get lost in mountains of stuff and lose track of what you were there for, so, for instance- if you need maternity clothes, set a plan of action. “Today, I am here looking for Maternity items” or “Today we need School Uniform Items”.

5. Have a set of rules. Mine are these:

  • A. I have to LOVE it.
  • B. It has to serve a purpose right now, or in the next 6 months.
  • C. It has to fit, (now)- not, “this will fit in a few months”…
  • D. I will call my husband if I find something that costs more than my budget, and will contribute largely to the household. I have 2 stories where I found “must have” items. Both times I came home with them. An antique wardrobe (that we still use to this day, and has become a signature piece in our home) and a brand-new-in-the-box toddler bed. The Armoire only took 3 years for my husband to forgive. The toddler bed, one day. The difference? A phone call, ahead of time.
  • E. I always look for certain items, every time I am there… like, Lucky Jeans, Diesel Jeans, High End Baby Clothes, and Never Been Worn shoes.

1. Grab a carriage.

2. Head to the section you have determined you are there for- FIRST.

3. When you find an item, Make sure you aren’t breaking any of your rules.

4. Don’t take any phone calls (family excluded). You can’t talk on the phone, think, and shop all at the same time. As much as you’d like to believe you’re a multi-tasking queen, YOU’re not. Give yourself a break today. The world will go on without you for a couple of hours.

5. When you’re going through your “finds” make sure you are sticking to your “rules”.

6. ENJOY!!!


Wash, Lysol, Wash, and Lysol. Enough said.




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