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Rio’s Story pt.2


This Month at our Ocularist appointment, we arrived with Rio’s shell out. He had quite a cold in the days leading up to his appt. which caused his eye to be extremely irritated and runny. He was digging at it all day long, so I finally just took it out. It cleared up after a couple of days, and then I just left it out since we were going in for the appointment, anyway.

Hanging out in the waiting room
Hanging out in the waiting room

It is so interesting how people have different responses to their condition. I really had no idea that other people would be so protective, or unsettled, or weird about it. I had my camera again this month, and I could tell people were just “to themselves”. Last month, I asked a mom with a gorgeous son about 4 or 5 years old if I could photograph him for the documentary, and she said yes at first, but I could tell she was uncomfortable. A little while later, she came back to me and asked me not to use them because she wanted to protect her son. I felt bad, and said ok- but it occured to me that some people are still not at peace with their child’s condition. It is so very sad. I would love to do a photo shoot highlighting these beautiful children, so as to raise awareness. If anyone out there is interested, please contact me.

Anyway- back to the story:


Rio is teething like crazy right now, so slobber abounds! He also is trying to walk already, he slipped and bumped his nose, thus the little boo-boo. Here we are waiting for Scott to come in the room and we have some time for some snuggles…


Rio also has a minor cleft in his lip- which you can see here. We will be having surgery on that later next year.

picture-193Scott comes in, and Rio give him a look-see. “Hey, I know him…”

picture-202Scott wants to put his old conformer in since it has been a few days since he has had it in. He thinks that if we put in the next size up, it will be too large- as the eye socket can shrink back in a very short time- he doesn’t want him to be uncomfortable.

picture-216picture-223See my toofer’s? This looks much worse than it is…

picture-234Adjusting it…

So, after he put it in, he checked it for sizing. After that, we took it out again so that Scott could measure him for his actual prosthetic piece which he will receive next month. Check Back for those pics… AND a video blog coming soon…


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