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As I pick up the ancient volume (that is my beloved personal blog) and blow the dust off her cover, I open the thick book with nostalgia, care, and excitement as if visiting an old friend I haven’t seen in a long long time.

I am visiting to have a look back, but also to begin a new chapter. To pick up where the “to be continued” left off.

I can’t wait to show and tell the twists and turns that our road has taken us on.

I couldn’t have produced this until now, as history needs time to be written. “Real Time” didn’t cut it in this case. I owe you more than that.

I wanted this to be more than constant rants and meaningless questions.

Now that we have some longevity and victory, I am ready to give it to you so it can become yours as well.

It’s not mine to keep.

Stay tuned…

So many good things are coming.

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