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Day 15: I declare…

A famous pastor here in the US opens his preach every Sunday with this powerful declaration, that I love. He first has his congregation hold up their bibles, and then they together declare this: “This is my Bible. I am what it says I am. I can do what it says I can do. Today, […]

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Day 13: Make a W.I.S.H. – the power of our words, part 2

What I Say Happens, Part 2 So, yesterday we talked about the power of our words and how we can actually speak things into being. And I promised I would give you another reason, if you weren’t convinced the first time. Have you ever heard the phrase- “You’ll eat those words?” Do you know where […]

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Day 12: Make a W.I.S.H. – the power of our words, part 1

Day 12: Make a W.I.S.H. – the power of our words, part 1 Good morning fellow Extraordinary Mummies and Daddies, Caregivers and Friends! Today, during this week of Promise, is a day I want you to write down in your calendar. Because your life is going to change- starting today! I know that the day I […]

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Day 11: His Side of the Story… Hear from Gabriel, my Dear Hubby

  *CAUTION: because I don’t speak often, when I do, I have a lot of things to say, so I will be shooting a lot of parallel references. But don’t feel you have to read all of them. You can check them out at your leisure, if you would like. They are not intrinsic to […]

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Day 8: Promises, Promises

God NEVER breaks His Promises. So, we’re in week two of our Fast Break, already: Week one was all about “believe”. Examining what we believe, breaking down (un)belief, and realizing that our beliefs shape our world. In raising kids with Chronic/Serious Medical Conditions, this is something we must keep in check, because it is very […]

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