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Day 6: Believe, part 2. Belief shapes our world.

I know yesterday was a heavy – hitter. Analyzing our belief system is always very eye-opening, and revealing. The reason I had you look at those things yesterday, was for this reason: Belief, or (un)belief shapes our world. If we hold roots of unbelief or doubt about God, and His love for us, and whether […]

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Day 5: What do you Believe – part one

What do you Believe? On this fine day, I want to pose a few questions to think about. Looking at this definition above, of believe, “Accepting something as true, feel sure of the truth of…” I want to ask you, what does it take for you to believe something? If a complete stranger walked up […]

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Day 4: What do you need?

I wanted to talk for just a second about “What do YOU need?” I am going to share something personal here, this is why Gabe and I felt the need to seek God for 40 days for Vivia.  We have a specific issue and we need a specific answer. Lately, we have been experiencing emotional […]

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Day 1: Why 40?

Believe for the Unbelievable. Parenting children with chronic illness can seem like a hamster-wheel cycle of : tedious daily regimens, small breakthroughs, exposure to a “trigger”, fear, more fear, panic, hopelessness/disappointment, then back to tedious daily regimens because this is all the control we feel we have. We run hobble along on this treadmill-to-nowhere for endless […]

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