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As an addendum: A Huge, yet simple revelation about fear

As an addendum to yesterday’s post 5 thoughts about fear- I want to share a HUGE revelation with you.   This is really deep, and really huge, yet very very simple. So, I ask right now, that anyone reading this, by the name of Jesus – this revelation would be imparted. Some things are not […]

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The thing about Fear: well… 5 things.

Before we move on to other things, I wanted to talk about the elephant in the room – FEAR. We’ve all felt it. The moment we see a tiny red mark on our child’s cheek, or they say, “My arm hurts” or “Im tired”- those of us with children conquering chronic life-threatening illnesses know that […]

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Day 25: I’ll TAKE courage

How does one become courageous? What does one do when needing to be brave? How do you attain this place called “valor”? When researching verses that talk about “courage”. I found some very interesting things. These verses don’t say “Have Courage.” Or “Be Courageous”. Maybe some of the newer versions will put that in, but […]

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Day 24: The Courage to NOT DO anything

Do NOTHING. Psalm 46:10 “Be still and know that I am GOD.”   One sure thing about this blasted disease Juvenile Dermato-myositis, JDM, is that it is unpredictable. And up to date and up to a point, unknowable. So what do we do when our hopes for improvement get dashed by familiar, scary, expectedly unexpected […]

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Day 21: My help comes from Him, and occasionally a glass of wine.

I guess closing out this week on disappointments would not be complete without something fresh to report on, and a few tests. And what a perfect segue into our week dealing with FEAR and COURAGE! Tonight, I found a stash of pills (about 14 or so) that VV is supposed to have been taking in […]

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