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Disney Fantasy INAUGURAL preview cruise…

One of the perks of the job of having a hubby that works for Disney, is that we periodically get some major privs! Like this past week we just sailed to the Eastern Carribean on the newest Disney Ship, the Fantasy. It officially will have it’s Inaugural Voyage in a few weeks. But we got […]

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We had an impromptu family gathering the other day. Sarah and Victor stopped by and then Luke and Kat called b/c they were in the area too, we let the kids play in the kiddie pool while us Bros and sis’s hung on the back porch. It was a moment I had to shoot.

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Rio’s Story pt. 3

This is not  . Or doctored. This is Rio, 2 hours into wearing his new “diggs”. He recieved his Scaleral Shell aka. (Prosthetic Eye) today. I am still trying to figure out how I feel about seeing my son like this. I need a little time to process it. He’s gorgeous. As he was before. […]

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