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The Top Ten baby names of 2012 Revealed, plus weird celeb baby names.

The US Social Security Administration just released their list of most popular baby names from 2012- Click on any of the names below to see what they mean on Parents Magazine’s website’s Baby Name Finder. BOYS Jacob Mason Ethan Noah William Liam Jayden Michael Alexander Aiden GIRLS Sophia Emma Isabella Olivia Ava Emily Abigail Mia […]

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A new Vivia-ism…

Today we went to breakfast at this little dive with fantastic biscuits and gravy. Vivia, as usual, made new friends with those around us, that happened to be an older couple who were instantly smitten. (You had me at “hello“) and proceed to make conversation with her. The husband asks Vivia, “What are you drinking, […]

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A month late!

No, I am not pregnant again.I am posting pictures from my surprise birthday party that my husband and my friends threw me. It’s been years since I have had a surprise party. Actually, I know the year, it was 1994. WoW! Long time ago! Freshman year of college. (OMG: I totally just dated myself.) I […]

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I’m having a “moment”

I have those “moments” every once in a while where I just have to document what is going on with a series of photographs. This was one of those moments. Nothing all that different or special was going on other than seeing my two kids hanging out together and loving each other. It was really […]

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