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A WHOLE WEEK of Normal!!!

Vivia was chosen to attend Camp Boggy Creek this summer – she’s (as I write) packing her bags to arrive tomorrow. This place is something else. TO say it is special is a huge understatement. We went for one weekend for one of their family retreats back in April – so we got to experience it first-hand.

The whole point of this camp is that the kids get to forget what they have for a whole week, and make friends who have like-illnesses, and can make memories of a lifetime.

I basically cried the whole weekend because I had to come face to face with the fact that my child actually qualified to attend a camp like this. And secondly, to actually affirm all the feelings that I have gotten so good at shoving down… it was really emotional.

So, for the first time, my baby  big girl is going away for a whole week without me, and I am trusting her to perfect strangers. A little scary, but this is what this camp specializes in. Caring for these kids.

Here’s a sweet video from their website:

And if you are a JDM family, or Cranio-facial family, I URGE you to apply and make every possible attempt to send your child here! It’s FREE to the family- NO COST to you, except transportation to the camp (which some families actually fund-raise for this expense) –

I will write more later…

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