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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Faith in Action: Guest Blogger Kim Poston Miller

It’s pretty easy to be a “good” Christian when things are going well. It’s easy to trust in God, have hope and faith when life is running on the smooth side.  I mean, why wouldn’t you feel great and comfy when everything is hunky-dory? That is were we were about 5 years ago. My husband […]

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As an addendum: A Huge, yet simple revelation about fear

As an addendum to yesterday’s post 5 thoughts about fear- I want to share a HUGE revelation with you.   This is really deep, and really huge, yet very very simple. So, I ask right now, that anyone reading this, by the name of Jesus – this revelation would be imparted. Some things are not […]

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The thing about Fear: well… 5 things.

Before we move on to other things, I wanted to talk about the elephant in the room – FEAR. We’ve all felt it. The moment we see a tiny red mark on our child’s cheek, or they say, “My arm hurts” or “Im tired”- those of us with children conquering chronic life-threatening illnesses know that […]

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Don’t Be Surprised

Behold, I have refined you, but not as silver; I have tried and chosen you in the furnace of affliction. Isaiah 48:10 (Amplified Version)   Gee, thanks! Sometimes I think that we, parents of children overcoming weird conditions or affliction, if given the choice, would choose a different life for our little ones. But, alas, the […]

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