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Monthly Archives: February 2011

So, here it is…

I wanted to let you guys in on something that has pretty much rocked our world in the last 3 weeks because we could sure use your prayers, and I know you’ll probably be hearing things, so I’d rather you hear it from me directly. Before I say anything, I also want you to know, […]

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Today was better…

Today was good. I did end up with a major migraine, but my mom came over and hung out w/ the chitlins so I could lay down for about an hour. Baby Steps. VV woke up with 101 fever this morning, but with a happy heart. She’s my new hero.

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It comes and goes in waves. Like her moods. I WILL NOT lose her to this friggin disease. She will not be taken from us for 6 months, 6 days, or even 6 minutes! Can’t I just take her in my arms, and hold her and not let go until this is all over?

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living in a nightmare

I almost feel like I shouldn’t write right now, because I am totally unfiltered. Normally I like to filter, process, filter some more, and then present my thoughts. It’s Gabe’s birthday. Happy effin birthday, honey. I want this day to hurry up and be over bc it is probably one of the worst days of […]

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The Latest

We have an appointment tomorrow with a homeopathic doc who will examine Vivia’s levels and her diet and make some dietary suggestions based on her diagnosis. And we will become one of “those” families who can’t eat out or has to bring their own treats to parties bc we can’t eat anything commercial. But, hey, […]

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another “New Normal”

My emotions are too raw to really write about this.   But I do want to put this out there so that I can know our friends and family can be praying  for us. I honestly can’t believe this is happening, and I am trying to process it all. I debated with myself as to […]

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Last Week.

I was in a bit of shock. This week, I am “full steam ahead”. I am so angry~ Here’s a little background: Over a year ago, I took Vivia to the doctor because she had a nasty looking rash on her face that would not go away. We took her in, and the doc diagnosed […]

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C a t e g o r i e s
A r c h i v e s