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Monthly Archives: March 2009

A month late!

No, I am not pregnant again.I am posting pictures from my surprise birthday party that my husband and my friends threw me. It’s been years since I have had a surprise party. Actually, I know the year, it was 1994. WoW! Long time ago! Freshman year of college. (OMG: I totally just dated myself.) I […]

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SUper-dee-duper CUTE onesies! look-ey, you’ll like-ey: more great finds

These adorable Onesies are from Dylbug Choose from the boy or girl bundle. Each bundle comes with 3 different sizes of short sleeve onesies: 3-6 mo., 6-9 mo., & 9-12 mo. Love the idea! Your little doesn’t have to grow out of their favorite onesies for a whole year. I found out about them from […]

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Winter Fashionista

It isn’t too often around here that we get to bust out the coats, so on Sunday when the high was in the 50’s we were thrilled to get one last chance to wear our fun winter gear before the hot hotty hot comes. Here’s Vivs stylin’ and profilin’

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I’m having a “moment”

I have those “moments” every once in a while where I just have to document what is going on with a series of photographs. This was one of those moments. Nothing all that different or special was going on other than seeing my two kids hanging out together and loving each other. It was really […]

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Another “What I woke up to this morning…”

Me: “Vivs, what have you done?” Vivs: “Put on make-up” The role of “make-up” today is being played by “pink highlighter”. This was actually the other day, not this morning- but I have rectified the situation of waking up to these catastrophes by: (a.) Getting up when she does, and I can do this because […]

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