Our New Normal [s] » Our little family's realization, that there is no normal


The Lord is my (protector, leader, guide, teacher, father)
I have everything I need.
He’s making me lie down, but it’s in a green pasture.
He guides me into stillness so he can restore my soul
and renew my strength.
He takes my hand to guide me onto the path of freedom,
for his Glory is seen when our relationship is right.
Even when I walk through those places where I’d rather die than overcome,
Your perfect love casts out my fear. You’re right there with me. You haven’t abandoned me.
Discipline hurts, but is a comfort to me, because I know You only discipline those You deeply love.
Even though the world seems to be crashing down all around me,
I am feasting on the secrets You have shared with me.
(I am untouched because what I see, is not what you showed me will be.)
You pour your characteristics upon my head, which sets me apart.
It fills my cup, and in turn, overflows effortlessly upon those around me.
I am secure in this:
You are love. You are goodness.
And you will follow me all the days of my life- you will never leave me.
Lord, I have a permanent room in your heart
And I choose to live in it forever…

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